Sep 30, 2008

Pantone Home Furnishings Color Forecast for 2000

 Unfortunately, I was unable to find palates showing the sets of colors for textiles for the year 2000.  However, the individual colors can be viewed using this link.

2000 press releases

Pantone Announces Home Furnishings Color Forecast for the Year 2000

Carlstadt, NJ, March 30, 2000 -- Pantone, Inc., the world renowned authority on color and color trends, announces its home furnishings color forecast for the Year 2000. There are seven palettes in the forecast, each with a balance of warm and cool colors.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, "The Pantone home furnishings forecast for 2000 truly represents the divergence of consumer tastes and the need to express one's own personality."

"Home palettes have become more and more similar to fashion palettes," adds Lisa Herbert, senior vice president of the Pantone Textile, Home and Fashion Division. "Colors in our home often resemble the colors we are wearing."

Murmur - is a soft, light and airy palette showing the continuing requirement that consumers have for quiet, comforting colors, especially in bed and bath.

PANTONE 12-0826 TC Golden Haze
PANTONE 12-4610 TC Whispering Blue 
PANTONE 12-0913 TC Alesan
PANTONE 12-0313 TC Seafoam Green 
PANTONE 12-0713 TC Almond Oil
PANTONE 13-2803 TC Pale Lilac 
PANTONE 12-5508 TC Hushed Green
PANTONE 11-0701 TC Whisper White

Dreamer - is situated between the pastels and the mid-tones. It's slightly grayed in tone, yet still subtle and restful. A beautiful palette to combine with the popular grays.

PANTONE 14-1506 TC Rose Smoke
PANTONE 14-5711 TC Ocean Wave 
PANTONE 15-4003 TC Storm Gray
PANTONE 14-0935 TC Jojoba 
PANTONE 15-1614 TC Blush
PANTONE 15-4008 TC Blue Fog 
PANTONE 16-1010 TC Incense
PANTONE 14-3905 TC Lavender Blue

Charmer - is a mid-tone palette but with more vibrancy. These colors have a bit more sparkle than the first two palettes, so they work for the consumer who likes livelier colors but doesn't want anything too bright.

PANTONE 15-1333 TC Canyon Sunset PANTONE 15-6316 TC Fair Green 
PANTONE 15-1046 TC Mineral Yellow
PANTONE 14-4814 TC Angel Blue 
PANTONE 16-3815 TC Viola
PANTONE 16-3925 TC Easter Egg 
PANTONE 14-1420 TC Apricot Blush
PANTONE 15-2210 TC Orchid Smoke

Splendor - is all about brights. This is for the buyer who prefers more drama and excitement. Many of the so-called ethnic looks are included here and the color combinations are outstanding.

PANTONE 18-2436 TC Fuchsia
PANTONE 15-1153 TC Apricot 
PANTONE 17-4728 TC Algiers Blue
PANTONE 15-0343 TC Greenery 
PANTONE 18-3224 TC Radiant Orchid
PANTONE 18-3945 TC Amparo Blue 
PANTONE 12-0736 TC Lemon Drop
PANTONE 18-1561 TC

Savor - is for buyers who prefer classics. This palette represents the darker, richer tones that provide a sophisticated contrast to lights, brights, mid-tones or neutrals.

PANTONE 19-4234 TC Ink Blue
PANTONE 18-1720 TC Violet Quartz 
PANTONE 19-1934 TC Tibetan Red
PANTONE 18-0117 TC Vineyard Green 
PANTONE 19-3842 TC Deep Wisteria
PANTONE 19-1218 TC Potting Soil 
PANTONE 17-1633 TC Holly Berry
PANTONE 19-3642 TC Royal Purple

Nature - is for customers who want to keep the atmosphere very low key -- natural and neutral is their comfort zone. Note the grayed blue and the light green. These are the newest additions to the neutral palette.

PANTONE 16-1412 TC Stucco
PANTONE 16-1333 TC Doe 
PANTONE 14-1112 TC Pebble
PANTONE 18-4217 TC Bluestone 
PANTONE 16-0213 TC Tea
PANTONE 17-1501 TC Wild Dove 
PANTONE 18-1320 TC Clove
PANTONE 18-3905 TC Excalibur

Treasure - literally reflects the metallic and pearlescent finishes that are so strong for the Year 2000 in every product category.

PANTONE 15-4014 TC Starry Starry Night
PANTONE 15-0927 TC Pale Gold 
PANTONE 16-1325 TC Copper
PANTONE 14-1012 TC Champagne Beige 
PANTONE 14-5002 TC Silver

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